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Kaanapali Shutter CompanyAt Maui Drapery & Window Fashions, providing Kaanapali homeowners with the best quality window blinds, shades, and shutters is simply what we do. Our selection of window treatments is larger than any other company in the area's. We also have the most experienced and knowledgeable shutter and blinds experts.We can help you decide on the perfect window treatment for your home, taste, and functional needs during a free in-home consultation. And after you've made the decision, we also offer free measurement services.When you review our extensive selection of window treatments, you'll find the perfect blend of attractiveness and functionality. We hope you'll also that our Shutter Company is much more than a window treatment shop. When you rely on our professionals, we'll work with you throughout the entire project to ensure that you're receiving the products and services that are exactly right for you.Give us a call today for a free in-home design consultation, and we'll be looking forward to working with you. 

Kaanapali Window Shutters

External shutters are an extremely multi-faceted window treatment. They’ll help to keep out light, of course. They'll also add a great deal of character. And they’ll work to protect your Kaanapali home during a storm. Shutters will protect your windows from any flying debris, and they'll help with the shedding of water.Internal shutters, which are mounted indoors instead of outdoors, can complement both classic and modern home decorating styles. Shutters can be made from any number of materials, and they almost always raise the resale value of your home. No matter what room they're being used in, they'll add a character and charm that no other window treatment can achieve as easily. 

Kaanapali Custom Draperies

Draperies are some of the boldest and most attractive window treatments that you can add to your Kaanapali home. Originally, were draperies were little more than ordinary window coverings that could block out sunlight and protect against drafts, but as European culture gained more influence in the United States, draperies began to be used as extravagant decorative household items, especially among more well off families. Since then, draperies have become more popularized as decorative window coverings, and they’re available in several different style and materials.At Maui Drapery & Window Fashions, we custom design all of our draperies for our Kaanapali clients, so all of those options are made available to you. We can guarantee not only that your new drapes will be perfectly sized for your windows, but also that they’ll be a perfect match for your home’s décor. We’ll work with you to design the perfect drapes for your home, making sure they’re as energy efficient and attractive as possible.  

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