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Remote Control Your Maui Hurricane Shutters From Anywhere With Your Smartphone!

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hurricane-shutter-company-mauiHave you ever wondered or have you ever had to go through a time when a storm hits your home but you're nowhere near the area to attend to boarding it up or prepping it for the storm? If so, today's technologies have finally reached a point where you can fully control many of your home's systems over the internet or through your smartphone or notebook.Today, you can control your window coverings of many times remotely, whether you're home or not. You can also control and monitor your air climate systems, sprinkler or irrigation systems, and lighting. And it doesn't take a world of equipment to buy like you'd think it would.In fact, being able to monitor and control your home's major systems is much less expensive than you would think. Plus, you can always start with one system at a time and add onto it because it's all capable of being integrated together.Starting your smart home off on the right foot with control over Maui hurricane shutters is the right thing to do if you live in our area which can experience high winds and damaging storms.

Motorized Hurricane Shutters Protect Your Home From Storms

Imagine being in another state or country and having access to your Maui hurricane shutters. When you hear of a storm coming to the Maui area, you can easily shut your hurricane shutters to make your home more secure during a storm. You don't have to rush home, you don't have to have a neighbor come to handle your property for you, and you don't have to pay anyone else to come out and board up the home's windows and vulnerable areas.Hurricane shutters are built to withstand high force hurricanes. They can be installed on the interior or exterior of the home, depending on which type you choose. Either way, they can be motorized to mechanically operate.

Motorized Hurricane Shutters Provide Security

Speaking of security, hurricane shutters in Maui also offer your home more security in the way of criminal activity. When your hurricane shutters are closed, they are a great barrier to any intruder. So even if a hurricane wasn't headed toward your Maui home, you can close the shutters to keep the home secure from thieves or vandalism.

Automated Hurricane Shutters Give You Peace Of Mind

Automation can also be installed for your hurricane shutters where they can automatically open and close at given times of days or on certain days. Imagine being able to ensure your hurricane shutters close tight every night and open back up the next morning automatically so you don't have to bother with opening and closing them. Now that's something to add to your list of new technologies you want for your home!When you choose to work with our professionals at Maui Drapery & Window Fashions, you'll have the best options in quality products and all the latest technology for your window coverings. Give us a call today and ask how we can motorize and automate any of your drapes, shutters, and blinds!

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