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    Polycore Shutters MauiShutters are an excellent choice for most homeowners, and most homes and rooms will be enhanced by shutters. Aesthetically, they'll add a feeling of sophistication and elegance to any room in your Maui home. And they're extremely functional, offering more in the way of light adjustment than any other window treatment. Often, the only reason that shutters aren't chosen over other window treatments is that they require more maintenance and care than blinds or shades.Because of the way they're designed and constructed, wooden shutters especially need proper care, and without it they can become warped, broken, or cracked. But our Polycore Shutters are another story. 

    Attractive and Functional

    Our polycore shutters are as attractive and sophisticated and wooden shutters. They also offer superb light, noise, and temperature control. And they can be completely custom designed, so you'll be able to make sure they're exactly what you need. But they require much less maintenance than wooden shutters.With their aluminum core reinforcement, polycore shutters are the most durable type of shutters on the market. They're also fire retardant and moisture resistant. The polycore material they're made from will never crack or warp, so they won't need to be cared for to keep that from happening.To top it all off, polycore shutters insulate three times better than wood shutters, so they're much more energy efficient, and can save you money on monthly bills.Other advantages polycore shutters have over wood include:
    • Polycore shutters are better for the environment. They're 100% recyclable, and since they're not made from wood, they never contribute to deforestation.
    • Wood shutters expand and contract with temperature changes, which eventually leads to several problems after a few season changes.
    • Polycore shutters cannot be infested or harmed by termites.
    • Polycore shutters can be installed over kitchen sinks, or in other hot or humid areas, without ever being damaged.
    • Polycore shutters can be washed with anything. You'll never damage the surface or the paint.

    Polycore Shutters Vs. Vinyl

    Many Maui homeowners choose to go with vinyl over wood. It's cheaper and, much like polycore shutters, it doesn't require nearly as much care as wood does. But vinyl has some unfortunate shortcomings.Vinyl is hollow, so it won't insulate as well as polycore shutters, or any other shutters on the market. It'll also become transparent behind bright light. It also weighs almost nothing, so it isn't very durable, and it doesn't feel like something you'd want to spend much money on. And while the vinyl won't absorb moisture, the color is injected into the material as it's molded. Over time, with exposure to sunlight, that color will yellow or fade. 

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