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    Custom Draperies in MauiThe main benefit of draperies is that they are some of the most aesthetically appealing window treatments there are, although there are several more practical benefits that they offer. At Maui Drapery & Window Fashions, we take great pride in all of the window treatments we supply to Maui homeowners, but our custom draperies are more elegant than any of the others, and they’re our specialty. Draperies can bring a room—or an entire home—together more easily than any other window treatment we offer.Our professionals offer free in-home consultations to help you decide which treatments are best for your tastes, your budget, and your home. Our custom draperies are available in a wide variety of colors, design, and materials so that we can always guarantee you’ll find the perfect drapes for your home. Whether you’re looking for solid colors, intricate patterns, or beautiful designs to help accentuate or complement your home décor, we’ll have the perfect custom draperies for you. 

    Benefits of Custom Drapes

    Drapes and curtains were originally used in America simply as protection against drafts. Mostly, they were plain panels and they very rarely had much in the way of design or aesthetics. However, as European culture started to gain more of a presence in America—and especially among more well off families—drapes and curtains started to be used in a more decorative capacity, and it wasn’t long before the varieties were endless.So draperies have becomes a much extravagant and decorative window treatment than others, but they also offer many other strong advantages:
    • Because draperies are available in such a wide variety of different fabrics and materials, you’ll be able to decide on their thickness, which determines how much light they’ll let in from outside. Your drapes can have the opacity that you choose for them.
    • Our custom draperies can also be designed to cover your windows only partially, which will give you even more freedom in deciding how much light you’ll allow in.
    • Drapes can also can also be heat reductive, and they can significantly lower the energy costs of your Maui home.
    • Our drapes are custom designed for you and your windows, so they’ll always be a perfect fit.
    • Drapes last much longer than other window treatments , so it will be years before you need to have them replaced.

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